5 Reasons to Use a Trustworthy Shredding Service

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Shredding services raleigh nc

Identity theft is a real problem in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that people have a one in 33 chance that their identity will be stolen within the next 12 months. Every year, nearly 15 million people find that their identities were used fraudulently. The financial consequences of these actions are losses to the economy of about $50 billion. Despite all of this, nearly 100 million people across the country are at risk for more identity theft when corporate and government databases are breached. If your company handles sensitive client, customer or patient data, using a trustworthy shredding service can make a big difference in your business.

The 5 Benefits to Using a Trustworthy Shredding Service:

  1. You will get a greater peace of mind. When you hire a professional shredding services company, you have complete confidence that your documents and materials were destroyed in the safest way possible. This should give you a higher level of peace of mind and it should do the same thing for your clients, patients or customers. As more and more news stories have come out about data breaches at major retailers such as Target, consumers are becoming more concerned with how their personal data is managed. Trustworthy shredding services can help with those concerns. You can hand over your materials and documents and not have to worry that they will be destroyed the wrong way.
  2. Using a reliable shredding services will save you money. Some organizations think that it is cheaper to handle document shredding in house but that is not the case. When you go with a trustworthy shredding service, they use heavy duty shredding equipment that is much more efficient than anything you would have in your office. So, you have to take staff and either hire someone to do this full time, which is a very costly endeavor or have people take time from their real job to handle your shredding. If you have any volume of materials to destroy, you will need to repair your shredders or buy new ones much more often than you may think. Hiring a paper document shredding services company will save you money.
  3. Using a trustworthy shredding services company is better for the environment. When you shred your paper documents and then recycle the remnants, you prevent a lot of paper from ending up in landfills. Paper is one of the most common materials found in landfills. By some estimates, as much as 35% of landfill waste is paper. You can send a lot less paper to landfills, where it contributes to global warming, when you use professional shredding services.
  4. Document shredding services help you comply with state and federal regulations. If you have access or maintain personal records that are financial or medical in nature, you have to comply with a bevy of local, state and federal regulations pertaining to the destruction of those documents. When you hire a trustworthy shredding service, you know you will be in full compliance. The reputation of the shredding service is as much at stake as yours. They know how to destroy materials and comply with all of the regulations. If you find that you are ever not in compliance with these rules and regulations, the result can be very expensive fines. If word gets out, it can cost you a lot more in terms of your reputation. You can lose a lot of business if people think that you do not take the security of personal data seriously and handle its destruction in a professional manner.
  5. It helps your reputation. When your clients, customers or patients can see that you are doing all that you can to safeguard their personal information, it can go a long way to building your brand and trust between you and them. This can help your reputation as people get to know that your business takes the safety and security of their personal data seriously. Doing this can do a lot to help you build loyalty to your brand and your business.

the problem of what to do with personal records and data is not limited to one industry. The best way to handle it is to hire a trustworthy shredding service.

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