5 Great Tips to Jump Start Your Pay Per Click Ad Campaign

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Research shows that more than 93% if all internet experiences begin with a search engine. A company’s position in a search is the best driver of traffic to a website. It generates about 300% more traffic than any and all social media promotion. This is the reason that so many companies are turning to pay per click advertising to generate traffic, it has been shown to generate a 300% return on investment. Yahoo! Bing pay per click advertising is growing as well.

Tips from Pay Per Click Experts:

  1. Understand pay per click marketing. What exactly is pay per click? many people toss around terms without really understanding what they mean. When you conduct a search for anything online, the sites that are at the top and right side of the search results page are typically ads that were paid for. Companies bid for the highest spots on both the top and the right. Those who have paid the most appear higher up but they only pay if their sites get clicks. You are only limited by your bidding strategy for this kind of advertising. If you look at Google or Yahoo! Bing pay per click advertising, you will see similar results on each. The great thing about this kind of advertising is that you should see results almost immediately.
  2. Pick your preferred platform. The most popular spaces paces include Google, Yahoo! Bing pay per click advertising. You can also buy pay per click ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Currently, Google has nearly 68% of the search engine market. As a result, you need to make higher bids for ads on Google. If you opt for Yahoo! Bing pay per click advertising, you will pay less than for the Google ads. It really all depends on what your audience is. Facebook, for example is better for getting to individual consumers while LinkedIn is a better platform for business to business marketing (B2B). Think about who will get the most from coming to your website.
  3. Determine what you want to accomplish with your pay per click search engine advertising. Common goals for pay per click advertising campaign include making a sale, capturing emails for newsletters or completing a survey. Knowing how you will define success from a pay per click ad campaign will help you craft your ads using the appropriate keywords for the response you want to get. As you work out your keywords, make sure the site that your ad directs people to is the correct one on your website. If you want visitors to leave their email address for a newsletter sign up, that needs to be the link in your ad.
  4. Make your ad copy compelling. If your ad is not compelling and interesting, it will not matter how high up in the search engine results page it finds itself, it will be ignored. The keyword that brought your page to the top needs to be in the title of the ad, the URL to which it links and the ad description. This may sound like a lot of repetition but that is the cornerstone of any ad campaign. Make more than one ad for any campaign and see which works the best for you.
  5. Test, test and test some more. Your pay per click advertising campaign will always be a work in progress. Never think that it is perfect or cannot be improved because there is always room for improvement, You will change the ad copy, keywords, landing page and bidding strategy often If you do not have the time to properly manage your campaign, you may want to consider investing in a pay per click management service to do it for you. This is how important your pay per click ad campaigns are to your business.

You website is crucial to your business’s success and bottom line but it does you no favors if no one ever visits it. Creating a great Google or Yahoo! Bing pay per click advertising campaign can show immediate results and is a great way to spend your marketing budget. This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site.

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