4 Types of Temporary Bridges

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Temporary road mats

Fast installation bridges have a multitude of uses. From directing foot traffic to easing transportation during road construction, crews can benefit the surrounding area while completing a project. As with any other construction tool, there are many types of bridges. Learn about some of the most common short term bridges with this guide.

  • Truss Bridges: Temporary truss bridges can be made of steel or other durable materials. While they may take one to three days to install, due to their complexity, thay are versatile and can handle heavy traffic. These are especially useful when installed over water, as they can be resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Crane Mat Bridges: This is a much more simple bridge design, as it is installed flat against the road and serves more temporary projects. This model can be made out of wood or metal, and is able to hold up to the weight of construction vehicles. The benefit of this temporary road construction solution is that it is easy to transport and can be taken apart easily.
  • Pedestrian Bridge: These models are generally long and thin, with rails on the sides. These are designed for people to walk across, but not vehicles. Whether it is installed in a city, over water, or in a park, these bridges are easy to assemble and take apart. The importance of this type of quickbridge should not be ignored, as it ensures the safety of people living or walking around a construction zone.
  • Universal Bridge: This is a great option for construction in rural areas.
    These bridges are long and wide, offering the capacity to withstand even the largest commercial vehicles. By installing a bridge in these remote areas, construction workers could be providing seamless access to residents’ only entrance and exit point. This is key to resident satisfaction and safety.

If you are a construction manager seeking a portable, temporary bridge, be sure to contact a professional about what type is right for you. It is essential to pick the correct fast installation bridge design in order to keep the area secure and the local residents in their routine. Be thorough in your selection to keep your project moving along efficiently.

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