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Google tech talks are developed to provide information to the public on wide range of topics. Yes, on wide range of topics, not just purely tech stuff although there is always that part. This is of course not surprising because everything today is affected by technology. So there is still that tech talk element even when the topic is about culture or the arts. Despite the popularity of Google tech talks, it is only recently that more and more people are getting information on the topics they are interested in from Google tech talks. So if you are not very familiar with Google tech talks, here are three facts about Google tech talks.

Again, when you say Google tech talk it does not mean only about Google and their latest technological developments and products. On the contrary when you do an online search, you will see that Google tech talks are presentations. They are called Google tech talks because they are sponsored by Google. So what can you expect from these presentations? Well, as the topics of the presentations are as broad as you can imagine, you can expect to hear about almost anything today as they relate to technological development and advances or the technology that we have today. So basically you can expect to hear about anything from pure technology to its impacts in todays society, to the arts, to culture and others.

Second Google tech talks are highly informative as well as entertaining. Google makes it a point to give use the most relevant information. This means the information that we really need. This is quite apparent in its search engine and this is why Google is the number one search engine we have today. Now, when it comes to Google tech talks, Google gives us relevant information as well. Thus, we have the most informative talks on different topics. And at the same time, the presentations can be considered entertaining in the sense that some of them are not too technical for the average public. Some speakers for example, include artists, singers, musicians and authors. The presentations therefore demonstrate how technology is part of our lives whether we are aware of it or not.

Third, Google tech talks are all about education. One of the aims of the presentation is to educate the public. Education in this case is not educating the ignorant but educating the users of technology who may need tips and insights so that their use of technology is maximized. Aside from this education is bringing to the public the future of technology as it affects our day to day lives. For a lot of businesses this is very important. The insights will allow them to take full advantage of the upcoming developments and trends. They can therefore gain competitive advantage with knowing what the future may bring.

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