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The Long History of Rotomolding

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Commercial laundry cart on wheels

Today’s world would not be the same without plastics and the world of plastics would not be the same without rotational molding (rotomolding). We rely on plastic molding manufacturers to produce items from plastic lockers to industrial laundry carts. This is an incredibly versatile process that has a long history.

A Long Time Ago in a Country Far Away

Some historical evidence that indicates the Egyptians used rotational casting type processes for their ceramics. Years later, the Swiss would take up similar methods to create chocolate eggs that were hollow. They may not be industrial laundry carts but the idea is that the process for rotomolding started a long time a

Web Credibility and Why Some Websites Fail

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Software development santa clara

For many small and medium sized businesses, the Internet has become a place where exposure is measured in terms of ‘clicks.’ Web traffic, of which search engines play a large role, can be seen as one indicator of the health of a business. With more web traffic comes more potential customers; with less…well, that’s the idea.

But often a small or medium sized business may feel hamstrung as to how to increase web traffic. Here are two areas of importance backed with statistics that will give you the raw truth about a successful (or unsuccessful) web presence.

The Importance of Presentation

Websites have evolved quite a bit within the past decade and even further since the original Continue Reading No Comments

Why You Need Modern Voice Technology to Support Both Analog and VoIP Phones

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Modern voice technology to support both analog and

VoIP systems can cut the initial costs of startups by about 90%. With a premise-based solution, you can enjoy an option with modern voice technology to support both analog and VoIP phones. A VoIP system allows you to upgrade it at once or gradually depending on your needs. A premise based VoIP system can be designed to use VoIP from end to end and uses the internet to relay data and voice communications.

With such a system at your business, it is possible to reduce costs while using your existing network structure efficiently. But still, there are even more benefits of using a premise-based phone system.

1. You Can Have Two Types of Dial Tone Service

Many companies hav

How to Make Your iPhone Charger Last Longer

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Cell phone cables

It seems that consumers are constantly having to replace iPhone chargers and even splurging on cell phone cable accessories by getting a more durable charger only lasts slightly longer. First, you should know, if its damaged throw it out because in 2008 electrical fires caused 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries and frayed chargers are a potential fire hazard. You can utilize these tips to increase the life of your charger by reducing the damage inflicted upon it.

  • Power surges: Utilizing a power strip surge protector can save your charger from damage since power surges have been known to fry cables. This is especially true fo

Working From Home Can Lead You to Your Career Goals

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Website design in buffalo

Working from home is one of the greatest perks of working in the 21st century. Gone are the days when every single person in town works 9a.m. to 5p.m. at either the factory, the supermarket, construction, or government work. There are more creative jobs sprouting up out of nowhere seemingly everyday across the country and the world.

It?s up to you to fully take advantage of all these opportunities and do something special, lucrative, and most importantly, something that you?re actually passionate about.

Office phone solutions and mobile device management solutions are in place to assist people like you with some of the more technical aspects of business. Continue Reading No Comments