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Your Cell Phone Accessories Are Almost as Important as the Phone

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Usb 3.0 data cable

It seems almost everyone today has a mobile phone, whether it’s a smartphone or an old-fashioned cell phone. While such phones make life easier, they use a lot of energy and need to be charged every day or two. To make your charging process easier and more efficient, you want to make sure you have the right cell phone cable accessories.

One of the things to take into consideration when it comes to cell phone cable accessories is whether you are using the best cable for charging your phone. For example, the standard 5-watt iPhone charger that comes with your phone takes about twice as long to fully charge your phone than if you use a 12-watt charger that is normally used to charge an iPad.

The type of phone you have can also make a difference because different phones take different amounts of time to

5 Great Tips to Jump Start Your Pay Per Click Ad Campaign

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Google adwords pay per click

Research shows that more than 93% if all internet experiences begin with a search engine. A company’s position in a search is the best driver of traffic to a website. It generates about 300% more traffic than any and all social media promotion. This is the reason that so many companies are turning to pay per click advertising to generate traffic, it has been shown to generate a 300% return on investment. Yahoo! Bing pay per click advertising is growing as well.

Tips from Pay Per Click Experts:

  1. Understand pay per click marketing. What exactly is pay per click? many people toss around terms without really understanding what they mean. When you conduct a search for anything online, the sites that are at the top and right side of the search re

The Benefits of Industrial CT Scanners

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Ct part calibration scan

No matter what kind of manufacturing your company does, you are probably aways looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. A new kind metrology has been developed that provides industries with a way to analyze the internal workings of componants and products without damaging them in the process. Computerized tomography (CT) scanning can produce 3D imaging of almost any part or product. This is currently the only way parts can be examined this way without doing any kind of damage to the item being analyzed.

CT scanning uses x-ray technology to compile 2D images then combines them to form a 3D image. The CT scans used in industry use the same kind of technology that is used in medical settings to diagnose injurie

3D Laser Scanning Servies Can Help Businesses Examine Unexplained Problems

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Nde test

In the end, the problem was small. So small that it never would have been discovered if you had not contracted with a 3D laser scanning service. It turns out that some very small screws were cracked in the large cooling system blowers that were located in every rental unit. The problem, however, seemed too common to ignore.
It just did not seem likely that all so many of the units would have started to fail within the same few weeks. The units, of course, were no longer covered by warranty and you feared that you would be faced with expensive replacement costs. Instead, a repairman suggested that you remove one unit and send it in for NDT testing. And, that testing indicated that there was indeed a faulty

Where Do You Purchase Your Bulk Fiber Optic Cables?

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Usb 2.0 cable

It’s called a junk drawer for a reason, but this is getting ridiculous. As you sorted through phone chargers and network ethernet cables, you came across pens, pencils, paper clips and a variety of other things you would expect to find in a junk drawer in a kitchen of a large home. You could not, however, find the one thing that you were looking for, Cat6 ethernet cables were on your packing list and you knew you had some in the house somewhere.
In this age of wireless everything, we often lose track of and forget about the basics that we once relied on. The cat6 ethernet cables are one example, however, that most everyone in technology always has on hand. Whether they have a short cable for connecting to an office without WiFi, or they have a Continue Reading No Comments

Where Did Modern X-ray Inspections Begin?

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3d ct

Up until about a century ago, the ability to actually look inside of something or even someone without physically opening them up was simply a matter of science fiction. But if an age filled with pocket-sized computers, solar panels, and electric powered cars have taught us anything, it is that science eventually catches up with science fiction.

When Thomas Edison invented the first machine able to perform x-ray inspections, the medical field was changed forever. The scientific understanding of how the body functions and methods to treat illnesses and injuries improved drastically, seemingly overnight.

However, as incredible as this new piece of technology was, as with any other piece of technol