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What Are Inbound and Outbound Marketing, and Which is Better?

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If you’re making the move to the web in hopes of taking part in the ongoing eCommerce revolution, then you’ve no doubt found a need to develop a smart websites development and marketing strategy. With over $1 trillion in eCommerce generated in 2012 and that number only expected to grow far into the future, according to Internet Retailer, you need smart ways to get your brand and your product in front of the more than two billion people who are using the web everyday, as estimated by Internet World Stats.

Searching the web for help with your marketing will net you countless search results about inbound and outbound marketing. Some will claim inbound marketing strategies are more effective than outbound, and vice versa. If you’re tired of

How Can Your Company Benefit from Online Accounting Systems?

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ERP software, ERP stands for Employee Resource Planning, has been experiencing huge growth for the last few years and is expected to keep up that growth for the next couple of years. In 2012, $45.5 billion of ERP solutions were sold to companies of varying types. By 2016, cloud computing software related to ERP will be used 130% more, according to IDC.

HRMS solutions are, arguably, the most important and widely used types of ERP applications out there. HRMS, standing for Human Resources Management System, can help businesses improve Continue Reading No Comments